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Take A Stand For Fairness With Elmwood Group Home Support Workers!

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The employer at Elmwood Group Homes (EGH) in Saskatoon began by offering a fictional wage increase that would only be received if our provincial government increases funding to EGH to cover the offer.  Then they offered a zero percent wage increase. Now, they're offering an unfair .17 cent increase - and just recently, we found out the Executive Director of EGH is no longer employed with EGH. She’s now been replaced so we need to make sure the new member on the employer’s negotiations committee understands the need to offer a fair wage increase. Please send this updated letter of support to the new representative and let him know Support Workers have the community’s support! 

Take a stand with Support Workers to ensure they receive a fair wage increase


Here are the Facts: 

Support Workers at EGH have not received a pay raise since 2013. That means Support Workers have experienced a wage cut due to the rising cost of living combined with the lack of a pay increase in four years.

The employer claims they have no extra money for wages. However, the employer has money to spend on Nurse Next Door (NND) to replace Support Workers temporarily. NND rates to the general public are about $30 to $35 dollars per hour – twice the rate Support Workers at EGH make! 

Moreover, the employer has hired a high-priced lawyer.

Support Workers feel disrespected and undervalued by EGH.  They know that the care they provide the residents improves their quality of life: they clean, cook, bathe, plan events, do snow removal and lawn care, administer medications, do wound care, maintain the group home, schedule medical appointments and transport residents on outings – they do it all!

Facts are facts.
It’s hard to provide a better quality care environment with consistent staffing when employees go for four years with no pay raise.  Four years is too long!
Our members are taking a stand for their residents, themselves, and for their families.
We hope that you will support them in their struggle for fairness.
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Chair of the Elmwood Residences Inc., Board, Gary Emde
 Member of the Elmwood Residences Inc., Board and Negotiations Committee, Grant Douziech 
Manager of Human Resources, Holly Michalyuk
Minister of Social Services, Honourable Paul Merriman