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Transformational Change - One Health Region

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Our provincial government has set out on a path of “Transformational Change” in our health care system and on January 4th, 2017, we received notice that the intention of our government is to reduce the number of health regions in Saskatchewan from 12 to 1.

The decision to reduce our health regions to one large region raises serious alarms. In Alberta, the decision to do the same resulted in chaos – rural areas were severely impacted as services were reduced, there was a lack of communication, and accountability declined due to massive centralization – what is more, the government that forced the decrease to one health region recognized their faulty decision; during the most recent election they promised to re-regionalize. 

With the Saskatchewan government facing a $1 billion deficit, it is clear they want to cut costs. On December 28, 2016, Brad Wall mused about layoffs and wage cuts in the public sector yet as our SEIU-West President Barbara Cape pointed out, it is unfair to make public sector workers bear the weight of our government’s mismanagement. 

Musing about layoffs and wage rollbacks just days before the announcement of one health region is a worrying combination.

Members of the public deserve transparency – we urge you to send a letter questioning the reduction to one health region:

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