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Petition: Job Security for Survivors of Domestic Violence

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Sign the petition to ensure job security for survivors of domestic violence in Saskatchewan: 

In March of 2016, we witnessed Bill 8 pass in Manitoba, marking Canada’s first province to take ground-breaking action around the effects of domestic abuse and work. Then in the Spring of 2017, a Private Members Bill was introduced in Saskatchewan that would ensure job security for survivors of domestic violence, Bill 604. It was then re-introduced in the Fall of 2017, now under Bill 605. 

The fact is, many survivors of domestic abuse are being terminated from work if they do not return to work, even when facing domestic abuse – there just isn’t any protection. But laws that ensure job security offers survivors of domestic violence both paid and unpaid leave from work, thereby securing employment. This is particularly vital for survivors of domestic violence as they may need time off from work while seeking safety away from abusers. Bill 605 calls for 5-10 paid days (taken in a row or when needed) as well as an additional 17 weeks of unpaid time. 

SEIU-West supports Bill 605 and calls on the Saskatchewan government to pass this vital Bill – we need to move beyond the idea that domestic violence is “nobody’s business” – it is a critical issue that must be addressed publicly. 

Support Bill 605 to protect people experiencing domestic abuse. Click 'participate' to sign the following petition: 

Petition to the Government of Saskatchewan

We, the undersigned residents of the Province of Saskatchewan, wish to bring to your attention the following:

That citizens of Saskatchewan are concerned at the lack of support for survivors of domestic abuse;

That one in three workers have experienced domestic violence, and for many the violence follows them to work;

That financial stability and a supportive work environment are vital for any survivors of domestic abuse;

That survivors of domestic abuse should not be victimized at work;

That over 80 percent of domestic violence survivors report that their work performance was negatively affected;

That Manitoba has already enacted such legislation and Ontario is on its way to enacting legislation that ensures job security for survivors of domestic violence;

That Saskatchewan has the highest rate of domestic violence by intimate partners in Canada;

We, in the prayer that reads as follows, respectfully request that the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan:

Enact Bill 605 which requires all employers to provide a minimum of 5-10 paid work days and a minimum of 17 weeks unpaid work leave with the assurance of job security upon return for all survivors of domestic abuse in Saskatchewan.